Meet the Owners



Vintage Duck Brand, LLC was founded by Sean Woods and Travis Tarpley.

Sean is a veteran of the USMC where he served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and is currently a registered nurse with a specialty in Critical Care.  He served as a mentor in his community for ten years and continues to strive to give back.  Sean has worked diligently throughout his career to help people reach their optimal health both physically and mentally, his journey with the brand is to continue to do the same.  The brand's message is something he thinks can help people reach their optimal self as they work towards their personal development.

Travis is a former all-American athlete who graduated from Delaware State University and now works as a mentor and personal trainer.  He has adapted the message of VDB to help kids and adults alike grow to be their best selves.  Travis just recently received the Young Professionals PACE award for professional community engagement in the Danville-Pittsylvania area by the local Chamber of Commerce.  Travis also holds an annual football camp "Travis Tarpley" rising stars in which he combines on and off the field life lessons to better equip our youth for the future.